Why is Synthetic Oil better for my air compressor?


Why is Synthetic Oil better for my compressor?

We get a lot different questions around here and a recent one asked is why do we use synthetic oil? So in this Emax garage article we are going to talk about the differences between conventional oil and synthetic.

Conventional oil derives directly from crude oil, it is excellent in providing lubrication at high temperatures. Synthetic oils start its life as conventional oil and then is modified to improve is properties for better protection, lubrication and performance. Below are the major difference between them.

Better Lubrication –  With compressor pumps running at high temperatures it is important to take all measures to help run them cooler. While conventional oils are great at high temperatures synthetic oils can have added lubricates that keep the internal parts of the pump slick, especially in high temperatures, this decreases wear on the internal parts over time and increases the life of your pump. It also provides butter performance.

Steadfastness –  Synthetic oils are formulated to maintain their thickness at those high temperatures and long running hours. This is important because it allows the oil to stick to the pistons without sledging, providing more protection, again increasing the life of your pump.

Less scaling – with conventional oils you can get what they call “scaling” which are deposits on the internal components from the oil breaking down. When the conventional oil breaks down is sticks to surfaces and bakes on over time. Synthetic oils are less apt to do this because of the way they are formulated to do quite the opposite.


Even though conventional oil would get the job done, we use synthetic oil to further protect our pumps and give them longer life. We build a superior compressor and so we use a superior oil!


EMAX Team!