Why choose silent air?

EMAX Revolutionary Industrial Plus Silent Air Compressors!

Compressor Noise can cause lots of issues weather its in the work place, private garage or small workshop. Noise pollution is one of the top impacting restraints, in fact its higher than air contamination. Most wouldn’t think noise to be harmful but just a part of day to day life. But noise can be quite harmful in many ways including interference with communications and performance. Workers might find it difficult to understand speech or auditory signals in areas with high noise levels. Noisy environments also lead to a sense of isolation, annoyance, difficulty concentrating, lowered morale, reduced efficiency, absenteeism, and accidents. In some individuals, excessive noise exposure can contribute to other physical effects. These can include muscle tension and increased blood pressure (hypertension).

EMAX has found a cost-effective way to resolve these issues so everyone can afford to have a silent air system. Many will go out and build something around the compressor, or place it far from the work area to avoid the noise. This can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. We have changed the compressor market as we knew it by introducing the Whisper100!! We paired the Whisper100 with our Industrial Compressors to offer the market our top-quality compressors with silent air!  Let’s talk about the benefits of our Silent air series.

  • Quiet Air -The Whisper Quiet Noise suppression systems dissipates compressor intake noise by channeling the air through a series of baffles, reducing DBA levels up to 25%. Note:  Every 10 decibels represents a 50% noise change to humans.
  • Premium Industrial grade TEFC (total enclosed fan cooled ) motors are on all Industrial Plus models 7.5hp and up. The fan enclosures help to prevent outside air to freely circulate in the motor protecting it from potential damaging debris. EMAX air compressors are manufactured using only low 1750 RPM motors
  • Exclusive Single Phase up to 10HP! We have the ability and knowledge to build a single phase compressor up to 10HP (25HP single phase models coming this fall!!) This industry exclusive, delivers up to 38 CFM from our single phase 10HP models!
  • 100% Cast Iron Pump- Super quiet low RPM 2 stage pumps are constructed from solid cast iron, including Cylinders, cylinder heads and crankcase, aligned with all steel re-buildable connecting rods and replaceable bearings – Not aluminum like our competitors – Expected life of over 50,000 hours!
  • Air stream Technology – Another industry exclusive feature is on all our Industrial Plus models. We fabricate angled iron and raise the pump to allow air to be pulled under the pump from the flywheel adding an extra cooling feature & extending life.
  • Belt Tension Adjuster – This Industry exclusive feature on all Industrial Plus Models allows for quick and easy maintenance, with just a turn of a bolt you can adjust belt tension.
  • Magnetic Starter – This Feature is standard on all 7.5HP+ models. The Magnetic Starter provides a safe start method along with an overload protection when starting the compressor. We use a Condor Pressure switch on all 5hp models
  • Continuous Run Feature – All Industrial Plus models include this standard feature which maximizes performance and reduces wear and tear.  Continuous run operation eliminates frequent start/ stop by not filling up the tank to maximum PSI. but instead reaching pressure and providing that air continually until turned off and resume filling up the tank
  • Automatic Tank Drain – This Feature in on all Industrial Plus models doing the tank maintenance for you by automatically removing condensation in the intervals you set the timer to
  • Components – We use B-style belts to ensure smooth operation. Top quality pressure switches, 100% brass valves, ASME Certified Tank, 13G Steel with premium grade expanded metal belt guards.