Airbase Industries Smart Oil – Rotary Compressor Whisper Blue Synthetic

Airbase Industries Smart Oil – Rotary CompressorWhisper Blue Synthetic – 5 Gallon


Product Description

SMART OIL™  Whisper Blue Synthetic is a revolutionary new product in the advanced oil technology category with 4 U.S. Patents.   Smart Oil™ bonds with all internal metal surfaces in Air Compressor Pumps and Air Cooled & Water Cooled Engines to become a part of the product itself.  This process creates a Quieter, more efficient, and higher performance compressor pump or engine….in many cases up to 50% quieter.   By reducing friction, on all moving parts of the compressor pump and/or Air Cooled engines, Smart Oil™ saves up to 15% in Energy or Fuel Savings.  Used in any EMAX branded air compressor pump, SMART OIL™  will extend normal Compressor Pump life up to 2X and extend the Pump Warranty up to the lifetime of the original purchaser.  It will also improve CFM Pump performance by up to 10%.


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