EMAX E550 Series – 7.5 HP Air Compressor, Variable Speed, Single Phase, Silent Air Unit,W/aftercooler, ERV07V080V13

EMAX® Smart Air 7.5HP Variable Speed 2-Stage Compressor, 80 Gal, Vertical, 100 PSI, 31 CFM, 208-240V

SKU: ERV07V080V13

Product Description

The EMAX Smart Air Compressor is a first of its kind! Our patent pending technology is ahead of any compressor on the market with its ability to save you 84% or more in energy savings!


Our Programmable Logic Controller Puts You In Control Of the Smart Air Compressor. The PLC will give you digital pressure adjustment from 70 PSI to 175 PSI. It includes HZ display while unit is running and provides programmable timed starts and stops for each day of the week. It also displays maintenance alarms, indicating when it’s time to provide service or change filters and oil. Alarms include: low oil shutdown, motor overload shutdown, high voltage or low voltage shutdown and loss of phase shutdown. Digitally displays kW energy savings while unit is running. Variable Speed Saves You Money In Operating Costs. Built-in air demand sensor automatically increases or decreases the pump speed and air output, based on actual air demand, thereby reducing energy waste and increasing pump and motor life. Variable speed soft start saves up to 7 times starting energy. Motor gradually increases RPM, keeping startup AMPs at a bare minimum. Benefits Of Single Phase Power Option VSD Smart Technology empowers businesses to install up to a 25HP air compressor that operates on single phase electric. For businesses that do not have 3- phase power, new VFD technology will eliminate the need to install & operate multiple air compressors to meet their air demands. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, our Silent Air System reduces stationary compressor DBA ratings by as much as 50%. The Whisper 100 system has a small profile and is mounted on the back of the compressor tank.


Our unit features industrial TEFC electric motors, magnetic starters, automatic tank drain, powder coated ASME tank 200PSI rating, along with our continuous run functionality all paired with all cast iron 70,000 Hr. rated patented pressure lubricated reciprocating pump. This unit features our patented Whisper100 silent air system already installed. The Whisper100 dissipates compressor intake noise by channeling the intake air through a series of baffle plates. This low-profile system adds 4 levels of air filtration along with making the compressor quiet, lowering the decibels by more than 35%. This unit also features our aftercooler system, this system cools the air going into the tank down to 10 degree above ambient! This system helps combat moisture issues by cooling the air before it hits your lines helping protect your equipment! All backed by the warranty in the industry!


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