Due to compressed air having the ability to reach hundreds of degrees it will accumulate moisture. The more air you use, there may not be enough time to lose the accumulated moisture which will then end up in your air lines, air tools, machinery, etc. Extremely hot air is not conducive to the operation of most air operated equipment and can have detrimental effects. Moisture is just bad in any compressed air application.


To combat moisture issues, EMAX has added an after cooler to our Whisper100 Series. The after cooler goes between the compressor outlet and the tank. The objective is to cool the air before it reaches the tank. Our after cooler cools the air down to 10 degrees above ambient air temperature. The after cooler will not remove all moisture, it is still recommended to install an air dryer to keep your lines, air tools, machinery, etc. moisture free.


Our after cooler is paired with our Whisper100 noise suppression system, decreasing noise levels more than 30% below our competitors. Your new EMAX compressor will also come equipped with:

Continuous Run Option – for longer projects

Automatic timed tank drain

Belt tensioner – for easy one turn belt maintenance

Magnetic starter on all 7.5 HP and up models

1750 Premium industrial motor

 AND all this is backed by our 5 year full parts warranty!