Is your Air Compressor Ready for the Heat?

Weathers Changing have you checked your compressor?

The season is changing again so our Emax tech’s say it’s a good time to go through a list of checks on your Industrial air compressor. Electricity cost reach peak levels in the summer months, by doing these few checks it can help decrease your energy consumption helping you save more!


  • Drains: in the summer months’ condensation happens more from the higher humidity. Check the drains valves or automatic tank drains that they are clean and free of any blockage to ensure they can handle the extra moisture.
  • Filters: If the air compressor can breathe it will run cooler in turn using less energy. Be sure to clean or even change the air filters. Dirty filters can also lead to drop in pressure, causing it to over work to make up for the loss. So, the quick check is worth the effort.
  • Air dryer: give the air dryer a look over to ensure that it is not blocked or clogged in anyway. This could cause the unit to overheat on those hot summer days.
  • Compressor room check: if you have the compressor stored in a room make sure the room is ventilated well so that there is sufficient air flow.
  • Oil- it’s a good idea to do an oil change on the compressor as well. This will help to ensure the compressor can run at its coolest capacity

Thanks, from the Emax Team!