Is your Air Compressor Ready for the Cold?

Winterizing your air compressor

EMAX has some tips for you to keep your compressor healthy in these cold months.

The normal conditions a compressor can handle is 41 – 95 degrees without having issues freezing or overheating. It can’t be stressed enough that the compressor needs to be installed in a well-ventilated space as well as well, weather you are heating the space of not.

How to handle temperatures below 41 degrees

When the temperatures fall below 41 degrees the oil tends to thicken especially if the oil is old or of poor quality. The thicker oil can prevent the compressor from pumping as easily. This can cause more issues than just with the pump. Since it is working harder to turn then the electric motors electrical demand is higher and could trip your breaker. Regular maintenance is extremely important as well, if it is not taken care of properly it could have water in it and in freezing temperatures the oil could freeze. This could cause issues starting and damage the compressors internal parts.


When temperatures start to reach freezing one of the biggest issues is condensation that is formed within the compressor system. That could include filters, pipes, and any low points in the system. It can cause serious damage to your entire system. If it gets in the pipes it can get down to your equipment that you are feeding air to. The best way to prevent this besides temperature control is installing an air dryer. An air dryer will help to remove any moisture before it reaches your lines and equipment. So maintenance on the dryer and filters ensures they are running properly which is vital to protect not only your air compressor but all your downstream equipment.

The most important thing to do is keep your compressor above 41 degrees, maintenance it regular ensuring you are using the correct weighted oil. If your piping systems runs outside be sure to heat and insulate to prevent freezing. Be sure to regularly drain your compressor tank as well. Use an air dyer to remove condensation to prevent water from freezing downstream.

Remember if you take care of your compressor it will take care of you!

EMAX Team!