Emax Rotary Screw Air Compressor Advantages


The Heart of EMAX Rotary Screw:
The Rotary Air end is the most important part of your compressor, it is the heart of the machine that actually compresses the air. Other Rotary screw manufacturers use air ends designed to only last up to 40,000 hours before requiring a complete overhaul. In contrast, EMAX air ends are built to last 70,000 running hours (with routine maintenance). In addition, all EMAX Rotary screw compressors air ends are backed by a 10 year warranty!
At EMAX, all rotary screw air compressors are equipped with state of the art air ends engineered & manufactured in Germany and Finland. Our precision-aligned back to back tapped roller bearings with close tolerances (used in all EMAX air ends) translate into guaranteed longer life cycles and greater reliability than any other… 100% of all EMAX rotary screw air compressors are line tested to insure they meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

Premium Industrial Motors
We use only premium industrial, name brand, 1750 Low RPM motors to drive ALL EMAX air compressors. All electrical components, including motors, are independently certified by UL, ETL, and/or CSA for maximum reliability. We use only “High Efficiency” copper wound motors constructed from premium grade, more durable materials that yield higher service factors, longer bearing life, higher efficiency and low heat output with less vibration. Only EMAX provides a full 5 year warranty on single phase and a full 10 year on 3 phase motors!!

$ave Energy!!
In a typical manufacturing environment, air compressor motors during start-up consume the majority of peak demand energy which places increasing importance on the motor controls you select. Consequently, when a motor starts at full load voltage it causes a voltage sag on the power system which often causes shock damage that greatly reduces motor life. Motor damage from voltage drop plus a 25-70% energy savings can be achieved by simply using motor controls or variable frequency drives. At EMAX our entire rotary screw line has the unique ability to have variable frequency drives installed at the initial production phase or after installment. We use exclusively Schneider Altivar71® brand motor controls/drives backed by a 5 year warranty.

Programmable Logic Controller
All EMAX rotary screw compressors are controlled by a user friendly Logika PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Our controllers feature a broad range of extremely user friendly, customizable, performance characteristics:
1. Variable speed ready enables you to control and set the motor speed to suit your specific requirements.
2. High/Low Pressure – Allows you to set the precise high –low pressure range your application requires. In the case of pressures that exceed the maximum threshold, the controller will perform an auto-shutdown. Each unit also features a built in maximum pressure setting. If the Logistic controller senses the maximum factory setting has been exceeded it will perform an auto shutdown.
3. Low Oil / High Temp Shutdown – If the controller senses that the unit is going into high temperature mode it will shut it down. Likewise, the controller will also shut down if the compressor runs low on oil.
4. Reverse Fault – The controller will prevent motor damage when the unit is wired incorrectly by sensing a reverse rotation fault and initiate auto shutdown
5. High Voltage Fault – If voltage exceeds the maximum power supply rating (stated on the EMAX compressor data plate) threshold by > 15%, the unit will auto shutdown. Conversely, if the voltage supply is <15% under the rating stated on the EMAX compressor data plate, the controller will perform an auto shutdown.
6. AMPERAGE Fault – When a motor is high amps, the controller will signal an auto shutdown.
7. Clock and Date – Built in Clock and Date monitor key preventative maintenance services dates.
8. Integrated Backlight – Features a built in PLC backlight for dark locations and improved readability.
9. Parameters- has a maintenance parameter system to create and maintain the parameter and control information.
10. Hour meter – Built in electronic hour meter tracks the number of the running hours on the machine.
11. Fault History -The PLC stores historical data if the unit performs auto shutdowns and the cause of the fault(s).
12. Maintenance Service – Automatically monitors and indicates when it is necessary to change the air filter, oil filter and the coalescing filter plus when the unit requires grease. When maintenance is required the PLC will sound an audible alarm. After performing the necessary maintenance, the PLC is simply reset for a specific filter back to zero hours and the maintenance tracker is restarted.
13. Air Differential Control- Differential control offers a wide range of pressure settings. Start-up pressure can be reduced to as low as 100 PSI or increased to as high as 145 PSI (or anywhere in between). Shut-off pressure can be adjusted also (Factory settings are Start-up=120PSI, Shut-off=145PSI). Note: Lower pressure ranges yield significant benefits such as higher Cubic Feet per Minute output plus extended hours of operating life so keep the pressure as low as possible.
14. Built in Timer – The built in electronic timer senses when the unit is not being used for a period of 20 minutes under no load and will perform auto-shutdown. When air pressure drops below the start-up pressure setting the machine will resume operation.
15. On- line demand – This feature is designed for high volume applications and will bypass the automatic shut-off mode and enables the unit to run continuously during high air demand scenarios.
16. Warranty – EMAX PLC’s carry a 5 year warranty
17. Daily / weekly Schedule – Our logistic controllers can be programmed to start in the morning, shut off during scheduled breaks and automatically restart at specific times.
18. Self – Start – When a power outage occurs, EMAX rotary screw compressors will automatically restart thus eliminating the need for a maintenance crew to perform a manual restart.
19. Master Slave – EMAX controllers can auto-switch from one unit to the other and maintain an equal number of operating hours on multiple rotary air compressors. EMAX controllers can also adjust the pressure for each machine to be the lead or the lag unit.

Premium Mann Filters
Filters help protect the compressor from wear and damage. Air filter replacement is the most inexpensive way to prevent potentially costly repairs. It is vital that these filters are replaced and inspected on a routine basis to reduce the chances of component and airend contamination. Dirty filters can significantly decrease the energy efficiency of your machine as well if not replaced in a timely manner. Because of the critical function of an air filter, we use only genuine premium quality MANN® Filters. EMAX replacement filters are designed in common industry sizes and specifications are subsequently readily available on an aftermarket basis once the factory warranty has expired.

The BEST Warranty Around!
EMAX Compressor backs all products with the best warranty in the industry. In fact, Emax extends a full 10 year warranty on Rotary Screw Air Compressors! Our warranty is NOT pro-rated. Unlike our competitors, we cover labor for the first 12 months for all major repairs. At EMAX, we don’t require you to buy an additional service plan or extended warranty, we just ask that you purchase and use our oil and filters for routine maintenance during the warranty period. Using EMAX factory filters and lubricants ensures the correct maintenance replacement parts are used when operating our rotary screw compressor pumps. Our EMAX service technicians and support team are always ready if you ever need them. When necessary we also maintain a full line of in stock factory replacement parts.