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WELCOME to EMAX air force technology! We are confident you will be impressed with our products and services. Please peruse our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Enjoy!


EMAX USA is solely owned and operated in America , we proudly provide jobs for 23 employees. Our goal is to build a quality product with little to no Chinese components. Our Rotary Screw compressors and Air Dryers have no Chinese parts, these parts that we use are German, Italian, and American made. EMAX USA has a goal to be one of the top compressor manufacturer in the world so quality is our number one priority!


Check out our new Silent air System!


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  • EMAX Rotary Screw compressors are THE new air technology! The quietest and most dependable in the industry - they are unmatched in energy efficiency! If your air demands are 60% or more duty cycle, then a rotary screw compressor is what you need. New! - 10 Year Limited warranty on Air End pump with the purchase of an annual service agreement. We use no China Parts!

7.5 HP - 200 HP (1 Phase available up to 10HP)

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Introducing the New Silencer System!

Patent Pending Whisper100 on our Premium Air Compressors lowering the DBA up to 20%!









Exclusive 10hp Single Phase Power!!

Model # EP10V120V1



Introducing our NEW industrial series compressor!!

Available in 5hp ,7.5hp and 10hp

Quietest running compressors on the Market!!

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